EMPROVE Clinical Trial Participation

What You Need to Know

The following is provided to trial participants at no cost:

  • The care of a trial doctor, who is a lung specialist, for the entire time you are in the trial.
  • Regular check-ups and health assessments throughout the 6 month trial.
  • Annual check-ups for 5 years for the Treatment Group and 2 years for the Control Group.

Potential Risks of Participating in the EMPROVE Clinical Trial

Not all COPD or emphysema patients will benefit from the procedure and there are some significant risks.

Potential benefits and risks will be reviewed with all eligible patients by the trial doctor and a member of the trial support team.

How the Trial Works

There are two groups in the EMPROVE clinical trial. The Treatment Group will have valves placed in their lung. The Control Group will not have valves placed in their lung, but will be taken care of by the trial doctor.

The groups are assigned randomly and you and your doctor will not have a choice regarding which group you will be in.

For every three people enrolled in the trial, two people will go into the Treatment Group and one person will go into the Control Group.

All testing, doctor visits and the procedure are provided at no cost to you.

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